LIBRA Industriale s.p.a.
Strada Cardio, 12/14
47899 Serravalle
Repubblica di S.Marino

Tel. +39 0549 872811
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Electro-forged Standard

Standard electro-forged grating panels 25 x 2 22 x 76

Standard sifonate

Griglie standard sifonate in elettroforgiato 25 x 2 22 x76

Standard for trailer access

Standard electro-forged panels for trailer access x 2 22 x 76

Caditoia Strong

Caditoia Strong

Standard pressed

Standard pressed grating panels 25x2 33x33

Pressed standard panels (heel proof)

Pressed standard grating panels 25x2 55x11 (heel proof)

Grating Walky

Walky electro-forged grating 25x2 34x38

Grating Walky (Vehicle traffic)

Grating panels, Walky vehicle traffic electro-forged 40x3 34x38

Cover for basement window wells in electro-forged

Grids in electro-forged for basement window wells 25x2 22x76 (removable)

Cover for basement window wells in pressed

Electro-forged grating for air circulation extractable wall application 25x2 22x76

Blindo with alarm

Blindo with alarm

Gratings electro-forged for air circulation

serrated Gratings panels (heel proof ) for permanent raised floor access 25x2 55x11

Pressed Gratings for air circulation

Pressed serrated Gratings panels (heel proof) for permanent raised floor access 25x2 55x11