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Electro-forged gratings.
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Grating 1892 x 6100 23x2 69x132 Self Colour
Grating 1892 x 6100 23x2 69x132 Galv.
The grating, obtained by the method of load-bearing vertical parallel plates electro-forged intersected by cross bars is now recognized as a key element in the creation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic surfaces, loading platforms, walkways, landings, steps and fences. Element of qualifying importance for the use of gratings is the ability to allow light and air to pass through, their high flow rate in relation to the low weight, easy assembly and disassembly, the slip proof surface, the fact of being fire proof and anti-explosion. In consideration of these characteristics the grating finds its application in many fields, including the construction of walkways and fences for civil and industrial use, construction of power plants and offshore platforms, where in particular Libra offers its special grids (SAS slip proof) and PT-AS (lighter weight).