LIBRA Industriale s.p.a.
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Repubblica di S.Marino

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LIBRA Industriale has always been very keen on solving the needs of our customers. For this reason it has developed a good coverage of service centers on all of our national territory.

Utilizing the experience acquired during its many years on the market Libra offers a wide range of services that guaranties to its customers the best know how during engineering, a height standard in quality, perfect timing in delivery's.

Engineering at the service of our customers

The grating floorings are made of panels positioned side by side, and fixed to the underlying structure. Panels are obtained from standard mats produced from our electro-forging machines, cut to measure and fabricated to permit the passing of pipes, columns and the placing of machinery. Gratings are fabricated industrial floorings produced to the needs of customers.

Libra has a Technical Office that draws the panels basing its proceedings on the structural drawings given by customers and on their needs.
Drawings are obtained by modern Cad programs that, on the basis of the structures and of the data introduced produce the final drawings of the paneling, of the shipping information, of the erection information. A program optimizes the necessary cuts necessary to obtain the panels, reducing scrap to a minimum.

All drawings will be supplied as described as part of the normal order.
On each panel their will be a number corresponding to the one found on the drawing so to help packing and assembly.