LIBRA Industriale s.p.a.
Strada Cardio, 12/14
47899 Serravalle
Repubblica di S.Marino

Tel. +39 0549 872811
Fax +39 0549 908304


1942 - Libra is founded in the Republic of San Marino.

1963 - Libra buys from an American company a two foot welding machine for electroforged gratings.


1973 - Libra buys a Schiaky machine, capable of producing 180.000 sqm. Of grating on three shifts.

1988 - Libra splits in two companies:Libra Industriale, the production company, andLibra, that becomes the Holding.


1992 - Libra manufactures a second forging machine specialized in the production of fences called LB2.
With more automations and the capability of using coils instead of bars. This new machine cuts scrap to zero.

1999 - Libra Industriale buys an EVG complete line.
The machine is completely electronic and its technology is the most advanced worldwide.


2003 - Libra manufactures a third forging machine specialized in the production of fences called LB3.
The new line, that substitutes the first LB1, that has become in the meanwhile obsolete, has even more automations so that three workers can produce up to 500 finisched panels of fences per shift.
It uses coils instead of bars as basic material so that it cuts scrap to zero.


Oggi - Today Libra is a modern production reality. The production per year is over one million square meters.
The square meters of fencing is over 600.000 square meters.
The production of gates is well over 1.500.